Drink Specials

Whether you're out with friends or grabbing a quick drink after work, Allure is the gentlemen's club that offers you drink specials every night. You don't need to worry about if it's Friday night or Thursday afternoon, because our bartenders are ready to pour you a cold beer or mix you a delicious drink. Come take a break, relax, and enjoy a cocktail and some quality entertainment.

VIP Access

Nothing says exclusive like VIP at one of the hottest gentlemen's clubs in Tampa Bay. The benefits range from one-on-one time with the best girls to dedicated bottle service and more. Setting up a VIP party for you and your friends means exclusive access and unlimited fun. Allure Gentlemen's Club is the choice location for your next VIP destination.

Sizzling & Sexy

What's a gentlemen's club without the very best lineup of the sexiest women? In the Tampa Bay area, we aim to bring you the best. And our sensual women take welcoming you to a whole new level. From arousing to flirtatious, they have the personalities, the bodies, and the dance moves to ensure you have more than just another trip out on the town.

Social Media

Keep up with everything about Allure Gentlemen's Club by following us on social media. You'll get tipped off to the area's premiere events and parties, as well as drink specials and more. You'll also get a sneak preview into what we have lined up for the future and even enter an occasional contests or two for some free swag. Follow, like, comment, and join us at Allure Gentlemen's Club.